Posted on Feb 06, 2021 in News

The pale filtered light of Nessiness shines again on this paltry world. —M.B.W.

Welcome to the new Nessiness! It's been a while.

What do I mean, "a while"? Well, Nessiness first hit the Worldwide Web (as it was oft known) way back in 2002. So way back, in fact, that the Wayback Machine only has a snapshot back to June 2004. And you can't even view it without Flash, which is in its death throes.

To paint you a picture in words, imagine a black screen with a cartoon sword gliding around, to the background tune of "Jeeves and Wooster," and a bunch of clunky gray buttons leading you to click on links to "Games" and the like. That was the old Nessiness. The one brimming with youthful energy. The one we knew and loved.

While we can never quite restore the magic that was the old Nessiness, we hope this new version will fill some of the void it left behind. Stay tuned for some blog posts on divers topics, and software projects that will knock your socks off!

Although Nessiness is greatly indebted to its co-founder Matthew, the site will primarily feature the work of the "other" founder, Jeremy. Fortunately, Matthew's work can be viewed at the Time-Space Interchange, and he and Jeremy continue to collaborate on various nessiness, even after so many years.